Adobe Premiere | Cinema 4D | Unity

My inspiration stemmed from my very own mom. There are three different levels in which I began seeing my mom. The first is as a child, I was only able to follow her lead thus limiting my view of my mom to her silhouette. As I grew a bit older and taller I began to see the top of her head as we strolled down the busy lanes of The Grove. As I began to mature, I found myself looking at a woman who has devoted her entire life to me. The wrinkles on her face, the calluses on her hands, and most importantly her eyes that still continue to look at me, her reason to live. No matter how hard I try to understand her, I can never come even close to understanding her love for me. The depth of her love, that goes so deep to the point where her dreams that were once filled with aspirations of success, slowly transformed into whatever dreams and aspirations I had. Through the simple conversations we have, I wanted to show that no matter the circumstance we faced, whether it was financial, mental, or physical hardships, she always managed to let me live a life full of opportunities and never lacking. Even though it was her first time being a mother, she did her very best to make my dreams come true. She is strong, she is brave, and she is my mom.