20 is the most chaotic year for me. Not only because of Covid-19 but also because we start to make decisions at this age. I was used to be pushed by society, family, peers, etc. I go to schools, take exams, work, and study. However, I realized I am constantly facing the situation where I need to make my own decisions when I turned into 20. I found out that people at this age start to take distinctively different life journeys. We started to take different majors, have different classes, choose different career paths, live in different cities and countries, and identify ourselves as an individual instead of a group. 
I am turning 21 this April, and it is funny that I imagined a lot about my first legal drink in LA, but I don’t need that anymore since the legal drinking age is 18 in China. Looking back, I moved a lot in the past years; I stayed in 4 different cities because of school, family, and internships. Sometimes moving is challenging and frustrating, but sometimes it is exciting and refreshing too. 
20 is a tough and stressful year, but luckily I received a lot of love and support from my friends and family. Sometimes, even we are not physically together; we are still able to feel the love and energy through each chat box, each voice message, each face time call. I would also love to include this as part of my work. 
No matter it is good or bad, positive or negative, it is always part of our unique experience.

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