Chambers of the Heart is a visual novel prototype inspired by Charlie N. Holmberg’s Victorian fantasy novel, The Paper Magician. The player is Evangeline, a recent magical medical school graduate and apprentice at the Medicinal Magic Heart Center. Evangeline must learn to mend broken hearts by navigating patients’ memories, which are physically stored in each heart chamber.

Evangeline’s first patient turns out to be her estranged brother, Nicholas, who parted ways with her family when she was a young child. Evangeline knows very little about Nicholas and must confront her own family history to help cure her brother.

This prototype represents the first “chapter” in a four-part game, where players travel through all four chambers of the heart. To mend each heart chamber and progress to the next, the player creates curative spells by reconstructing memories. Below is the link to the prototype, including sample character designs and scenery.


Original Illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator.

Game was created in Ren’Py.

Music by Jon Björk: 1. A Young Boy’s Folly, 2. Memories Soar, 3. Moments of Clarity.

If you click the link to play, a password is required: DMA_Capstone_2021

In this visual novel prototype, the player works as a magical medical apprentice who cures broken hearts by traveling into her patient’s memories.