Command and Control is a project that explores the idea of playing a musical instrument with your eyes— using custom pupil tracking software to move motors that would play the sound. The project reflects on the power that we have in eye movements that we often take for granted. The goal is to focus on involuntary blinking and realize that our control is limited and that there is only so long that we can go without blinking. By setting up a set of rules, the performer is able to make precise decisions such as trigger multiple motors at the same time or trigger a combination of movements.

Sensory understanding of the world has grown in an increasingly digital age, and many of the current technologies are focused on bringing sensory experiences into the digital world. The perception of our experiences varies, and this project explores the potential of using digital data to affect the change in the physical world. This project challenges the traditional idea of the performer being only someone capable of mastering the instrument. Instead, it offers the possibility to help people with disabilities by allowing them to communicate through music.

A special thanks to Chandler McWilliams and Noa Kaplan and many other DMA faculty for their support and mentorship.

Video Recording: Ivan Meneses

Audio Recording: Clinton Van Arnam