Being a 1st generation Korean-American, my life at home was very culturally Korean. I ate Korean food almost every meal, I spoke Korean with my family, and we always celebrated Korean holidays. But even just after 4 years of living away from home, I’ve quickly begun to lose my Korean roots. The only thing that I grew more of an appreciation for was food. I went from eating Korean food every day to maybe once a month at most. The first time I visited home for Thanksgiving, I realized that I now enjoyed home-cooked meals much more and would crave it while I was at school. I developed a much deeper appreciation for Korean food from home, specifically from my grandmother.

Looking into the future, I imagine my kids will be even less connected to the Korean culture that their father grew up in. To an extent, I’m willing to accept that as part of the life of an immigrant, but I want to preserve as much of this culture as I can. This cookbook will be the first of my attempts to do so. This cookbook is a small collection of my grandma’s recipes. I included some personal memories of the specific food growing up as well as some descriptions of what the food is and its importance to Koreans. I hope to carry this effort into the future in preserving as much of my Korean heritage towards the next generation.