Brain research findings regarding neurotransmitters and

experiments for well-being and positivity explore concepts

of visual perception and identity.

This book is dedicated to bring positivity and well-being by analyzing

and changing the way we see and perceive the world.

I spent the past four years of my life dealing with various

mental health issues and an identity dilemma.

I didn’t know what I’m supposed to do or who

I’m supposed to be. 

Expectations of success in my field of study weighed heavily

on my psyche. I questioned my abilities and the direction of my life.

Thus, creating an endless loop of negativity, resulting in

depression and anxiety. After encountering multiple mental

breakdowns and creating a hostile environment, I started

reaching out to therapists to climb out of this chasm.

After learning about the human mind, I realized that the problems

I faced stemmed from the way I perceived the world, not from

the world itself. By shifting my perspective, I was able to change

how I perceived my surroundings in a positive light.

I invited readers to participate in an experiment proven to

improve positivity and well-being by increasing brain activity

and releasing specific neurotransmitters. Participants were

asked to perform a breathing exercise to focus on their

present moment and draw the sensations they feel around

them in order to portray their perception of the world.

I wanted to share these results for others to see and

experience another’s Umwelt.

The title and overarching theme of Grey Matter and newsprint are in reference to the outer

surface layer of our brain composed of cell bodies and the title White Matter is in reference

to the inner layer of our brain composed of axons. Two parts of our brain appear gray or

white based on their density in MRI and fMRI imaging. Hence, White Matter is packaged

inside the outer layer of Grey Matter and sealed in a plastic bag as a whole.

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Special thanks to Erin Cooney and Israel Gutierrez

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