Letters with Jiji is a collection of memories and ephemera shared between my Grandfather and I, documenting a journey through memories of the past and reflections on the future. A project focused on archiving emotions and family history, Jiji [1] recalls his times at before, during, and after his time incarcerated at Manzanar Internment camp [1] through a series of letters.

[1] Jiji: A nickname for my grandfather, short for Ojiisan, or grandfather in Japanese

[2] Manzanar: A Japanese Internment Camp established during WWII based at the base of Mount Whitney in Central California, where Japanese Americans were incarcerated. After having all belongings, except for what they could carry, taken, all Japanese on the west coast of the US were put into camps between 1942 and 1945, regardless of citizenship status or age. In this eternally windy desert, Japanese Americans lived in shared tarpaper barracks behind barbed wire fences with little contact outside.