In the context of Buddhism, time is said to be of a cyclical nature; to experience the past, present, and future as a linear progression is merely illusory. “Of Infinite Gestures” references this circularity of life through the unconscious fluctuations produced by our bodies—ritualistic motions performed particularly amidst lockdown but also across time, across space, across generations. In a personal text paired with looping video footage inspired by Yoko Ono’s “Drinking Piece for Orchestra (1963)” and Nietzsche’s eternal recurrence, the passing of time surfaces through the habits of my own body in parallel with those of the elder members of my family. “Of Infinite Gestures” calls upon the reader’s body to engage in these repetitions as well, using an infinite scroll to navigate the ebbs and flows of a never-ending narration. Click here to see the piece (desktop view only).

Sending love and affection to my family—including my grandfather, whose daily ritual of Chinese ink brush painting formed an unexpected collaboration for this capstone. And special thanks to Chandler McWilliams, Zhengzhou Huang, and countless others for helping me develop this project (videography credits go to Josh Menon!)