a playful take on ‘peter pan syndrome’;

a psychological state in which one is unable

to accept that they have gotten older.

much of my inspiration comes directly from the experiences of my imagination,

and lately, my perception of the world has been muddled by fears of growing up,

taking on new challenges and adapting to inevitable changes of post-grad life.

i made this piece to remind myself of the beauty of the world, and retain my once

carefree, colorful take on the real happenings of life.

i want to treasure my ability to be fulfilled and inspired by pretty things!

++ song credits: emerald lake – undefeated

++ voice over: peter pan audiobook, peter pan original movie

♡ special thanks: softer tutorials, daniel danielsson

PIXIE DUST is an animated visual based on "Peter Pan syndrome"; seeing the world through a child's lens, a colorful world fueled by the mind.