At 13, my introduction to womanhood was one of conflict and loss. Such trauma created a dependency on the care and approval of others. I was paralyzed from developing according to my capacities— until now. Reversal of Power reaches the root of my traumas, celebrates cycles, and establishes the foundational framework for an ever-evolving personal manifesto. Organized into four chapters, the project examines pictures of tradition, creativity, and femininity that I carried and reveals their disagreement with my energy. Having once lacked power, I have consciously chosen to abandon the system in which I was raised with strength, compassion, knowledge, and honor. Through this creative process, I have learned to trust my healing process and protect my private perception of the world. This is me, reversing the tides and reclaiming my power. The project was completed as a 74-page book but is digitally being showcased as a series of art prints.