“Secret Garden” is an exploration around light, perception, and time, utilizing a full-spectrum converted camera combined with 590nm and 720nm IR lens filters by Kolari Vision. Infrared uncovers a world that exists within nature, but is unseen by humans as the color spectrum is outside of our eyes perception of light. It was filmed on Mount Diablo in Northern California.

Utilizing time-lapse photography, I invite the viewer to visually explore alternate viewpoints of nature. Nature is something we as humans are so attuned to, so it was my goal to present it in a new, fresh, and poetic fashion with careful attention towards composition in order to evoke an emotional reaction. By shooting in time-lapse it allows for a much longer moment in time to be compressed down to a 10 second moment in time, further emphasizing this idea of displaying the normally unseen.

Additionally, it was my goal to showcase how nature communicates with nature, and how trees and plants have their own ‘language’ that is unknown or secret to humans. The final video is largely up to viewer interpretation. It is an alternate way of seeing, that perhaps a snake, coyote, butterfly, or nature itself might see the world. It is simply another way of looking at our world that is still familiar, yet entirely unfamiliar.

The intentional push-and-pull factor, speed up and slow down, of the video editing speaks to the complexity of our relationship with nature and time. The video’s music was scored by Patrick Rickey of Downpat Music Studios, utilizing cutting-edge synth’s and other layered atmospheric sound effects. Please listen with headphones for the optimal visual+sound experience.

“We can’t do much as artists, but we can make people feel” -Richard Mosse 

An exploration around light, perception, and time utilizing a full-spectrum (infrared) converted digital camera.