10″ x 15.5″ Multipurpose Print :: Repeating Wallpaper Tile + Accordion Fold Book

“Shelter” is a two-sided patterned print that doubles as a book when cut and folded, or as a wallpaper when tiled against itself. It explores radical use of public space while also collecting a local survey on the matter.

"Shelter"—(the surveying of)— began as an extension of a nonlinear Hypertext-net project that had been started ten weeks prior, focused on uncovering the segregational tenets within gated communities.

These privatized bubbles choke environments and evolve around planned interactions and urbanized layouts— lacking from the importance of spontaneous situations fostered by egalitarian public space. Concerned with the exponential growth of secret suburbs brimming with cheap tract-housing construction and the detriment to (sacred, crumbling, design) infrastructure, "Gated" took an ironic & humorous approach to beginning a dialogue on this housed-obsoleting issue.

Ten weeks forward, "Shelter" was born to counter and uplift the ideas more needed to manifest. Inspired by the radical 70's Imagineering architecture group "Archigram" who posed that "'whole urban [environments could] be programmed and structured for change' rather than increased profits"— "Shelter" began to share that idea, or "promise of personal freedom"(Peter Cook). Turning over "Gated's" illusion of safety behind bars to the embrace of NO WALLS, JUST NATURE and a care towards community, this project is just a bud for what should be reconsidered.

Shelter houses all, big or small, seen & unseen.


Thank you to the writers for their photos and thoughtful introspection on shelter (nature & self).
Aly Carmona, Benyamin Chao, Maya Lu, Philip Otto, Isaac V & David Palmer

Special thanks to Isaac Ruder, Erin Cooney, and Rebecca Mendez for guiding me towards the finish line.