Uni·Que is an immersive interactive experience inspired by my personal experience of looking for belongings after misplacing them around my home. For this experience, I wanted to focus on immersion by allowing the player to interact with the world and the character through unconventional means such as scanning QR codes and data obtained from them.

The player utilizes the webcam to scan items received from QR codes in order to progress the experience. Some QR codes provide clues to guide the player to the next quest.

The player will go around Paddyngton Village to find clues that will bring them closer to the culprit of the village’s misery, while also bringing back happiness to the residents.

Full Game Playthrough

Software used: Unity, Blender, Garageband, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

A special thank you to Chandler, Zhengyang, Alex, Isaac and Julie for valuable input and support throughout this senior capstone project.

Thank you to Ramy Rahadian for providing music for the title screen.

An immersive quest to bring back happiness to Paddyngton.