“A Process” is a 3D printed sculpture and book based on a traditional Shinto butsudan, a shrine that is commonly found in homes all throughout Japan. While there are many ways to interact with such form, my family and I primarily used one as a place to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away. Usually one places tea, food and flowers In order to have the spirit live on even after they are gone

While I remember interacting with this form during childhood visits to Komaki, Japan, I never thought I would desire such a shrine in my own home here in the States until late 2019 when my father suddenly died. These past two years I have desired more human interaction in an increasing digital world, and a way I mourn and grieve is through interacting with a butsudan. Here I created my own contemporary form and continue the daily ritual of feeding, hydrating, and greeting my father.

This scroll is a composed of images found on my dads iPhone, childhood albums, and my own personal photography from the past 2 years

Renderings of surrounding items

Thank You to Erin Cooney, Rebeca Mendez & Isaac Ruder for their patience and guidance throughout this quarter

And to my partner Baldo who has aided me on many projects during my DMA experience